Scout Masters

Scout Masters

Troop 709 Scoutmasters 1989 to Present

Mr. Art Carpenter

Scoutmaster (1989-2005), Chartered Organization Representative (2006-2008)

  • Mr. Art Carpenter was the Troop 709 Scoutmaster October 1989 to January 2006. Here are a few bits of information about our former Scoutmaster…
  • Mr. Carpenter joined scouting in 1962 at the ripe old age of 12. His first troop was Troop 98 in Fresno, California. While a boy scout, Mr. Carpenter earned the Order of the Arrow and his Eagle Scout rank (with Silver Eagle Palm).
  • Mr. Carpenter first began serving as an adult Scouter in 1968. Mr. Carpenter has served as an adult leader in Troop 303 (San Luis Obisbo, CA.), Troop 586 (Key West, FL.), Pack 757 (Vista, CA.), and, of course, in our troop, Troop 709.
  • Mr. Carpenter was an assistant scoutmaster from 1987 to 1989 before beginning his term as our scoutmaster. Mr. Carpenter is a member of the Order of the Arrow and the Eagle Scout Alumni Association
  • Mr. Carpenter has earned a number of scouting award knots. These are: Eagle Scout, God & Country (Adult), Adult Training (Scout), Scoutmaster’s Key, the Scoutmaster Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver. Most recently, Mr. Carpenter earned the Scoutmaster of the Year award!
  • When Mr. Carpenter first started as our scoutmaster, there were 18 scouts and one assistant scoutmaster. In 1996, there were about 60 scouts and eight assistant scoutmasters. The troop population peaked at one point at more than 90 scouts! Currently, there are about 45 scouts and nine assistant scoutmasters, along with 10 other adult committee members.
  • Mr. Carpenter had seen 44 Troop 709 scouts achieve their Eagle Rank!
  • Mr. Carpenter retired as Scoutmaster in January 2006. Thank you for your leadership, Mr. C! Mr. Carpenter was the Charter Organization Representative for Troop 709 until April 2008.


Mr. Dave Hendron

Scoutmaster (01/09 through 01/12)

  • Mr. Dave Hendron started as the Troop 709 Scoutmaster in September 2005, replacing Art Carpenter who retired after 16 years. Mr. Hendron was the Troop’s third Scoutmaster.
    Mr. Hendron has been an adult Scouter for 17 years. Mr. Hendron started as a Cub Scout Den Leader with Pack 709, then later became a Webelos Den Leader. Mr. Hendron was also Assistant Cubmaster with Pack 709 before joining Troop 709 in 1997. Mr. Hendron served as an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 709 for nine years, and as Scoutmaster from 09/05 to 12/08.
  • Mr. Hendron is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. Mr. Hendron has been active in all of the required — and much of the optional — BSA training. Mr. Hendron attended Wood Badge in 2001. As part of his Wood Badge Ticket, he took on the nine required ticket items, including a food drive that raised more than 1,100 lbs of food and a restoration project with the Wind Cave complex at Split Mountain in the Anza Borrego Desert, both of which involved scouts and adults rom Troop 709. Mr. Hendron received his Wood Badge beads in 2003.
  • Mr. Hendron has earned a number of Scouting knots. These are: Arrow of Light, Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, Adult Training Key, District Award of Merit, the National Scoutmaster’s Award of Merit, Adult Religious Award, and the Unit Leader Award of Merit (Venturing). Mr. Hendron has completed BSA’s Powder Horn High Adventure Resource Management Training and received the Powder Horn award. In 2008, Mr. Hendron was awarded the Silver Beaver Award. In 2009, Mr. Hendron was recognized as the 2008 Scoutmaster of the Year (Troop 709’s second and the only Troop in the San Diego-Imperial Council to have two such recognized Scoutmaster’s!), as well as with Venturing Leadership Award. Mr. Hendron has participated in two Philmont Trek’s.
  • Mr. Hendron comes from a Scouting family, where he, his brother and father were all Scouts/Scouters in Troop 616 in Scripps Ranch. Mr. Hendron was also in Troop 622 in Rancho Penasquitos as a youth. Mr. Hendron’s son, Jon, is an Eagle Scout and a former Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 709. Mr. Hendron’s wife, Sandy, was the troop Committee Secretary and is now an Associate Advisor with Crew 709. Mr. Hendron is now the Advisor for Venturing Crew 709.


Mr. Lance Fisher

Scoutmaster (01/09 through 01/12)

  • Mr. Lance Fisher joined Troop 709 a committee member, then later transitioned to a leadership position as an assistant scoutmaster. During the two years in this position, Mr. Fisher was responsible for working with the junior leaders on appointed positions, such as quartermaster and bugler.
  • In 2008, Mr. Fisher attended Wood Badge Training in the Tri-Council Area in Los Angeles. Mr. Fisher took on a challenging Wood Badge ticket, which he completed in October 2009, and was beaded in January, 2010.
  • During 2008, Mr. Fisher began training for his next assignment: Scoutmaster! In keeping with Troop 709 tradition, the leadership transition occurred over a period of time, with Mr. Fisher handling much of the administrative responsibility by the end of 2008. In January 2009, Mr. Fisher became Troop 709’s 4th Scoutmaster.
  • Mr. Fisher is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow since 2009, and has served the local chapter as Chapter Associate Adviser.
  • Mr. Fisher has completed the required Boy Scout leader training as well as additional optional training. Mr. Fisher is a recipient of the Scouter’s Training Key, the District Award of Merit, the Unit Leaders Award of Merit, and the Scoutmaster’s Award of Merit. While at troop summer camp in Hawaii in 2011, Mr. Fisher joined several scouts in becoming certified as Open Water SCUBA Diver. Mr. Fisher is currently supporting the current Scoutmaster, though no longer an active member of the troop.


Mr. James “Jim” Eighmey

Scoutmaster (02/12 through Present)

  • Mr. Eighmey joined the troop in 2011, and was immediately tagged as an Assistant Scoutmaster. After he completed the required traing, he was asked to consider taking on the position of Scoutmaster when Mr. Fisher completed his turn as Scoutmaster, scheduled for the end of 2012. Circumstances changed, and the transistion took place a year earlier than anticipated. Mr. Eighmey took this challenge in stride and has accepted the mantle with Scout Spirit.
  • Mr. Eighmey is currently working towards the Scouters Training Key, and attended Wood Badge training in May and June 2012. Mr. Eighmey was awarded the Vigil honor in the Order of the Arrow as a youth, and currently works with the local chapter, advising on native dress and regalia, and with skills as a drum maker.